mandag den 4. april 2011

Happy Birthday sweety

An invitation for my daughters birthday. The note says 'The little boy, can't wait anymore to turn 2 years'.

'The little boy' refers to the fact that my daughter constantly reminds me that she is a boy, not a little girl. It may have something to do with how much she adores her big brother and wants to be just like him!

fredag den 3. december 2010

fredag den 19. november 2010

Dueling Banjo Pigs

Ever since I found the Dueling Banjo Pigs blog I wanted to join. And now I finally found the time. So here are my Dueling Banjo Pigs!

onsdag den 17. november 2010

Trying out a new style in Photoshop

A collegue of mine made some wery nice brushes in Photoshop. I tried them out and this is the result. I really like the result and hope to do more drawings like this.

lørdag den 6. november 2010

Custom shoes for my daughter

Found these as good as new shoes in a secondhand shop in Copenhagen, and decided to do my first pair of custom shoes. My daughter loved them and wanted only to wear these shoes for a long time. Now they've lost to a pair of lilac rainboots :).

tirsdag den 19. oktober 2010

Monster Mania - Exhibition at Sydhavnen

Monster lovers and friends come to the opening of the group exhibition Monster Mania the 5th. of November at 17 O'clock.

David Liwoch and myself will be showing monsters from both our monsterblogs, with drinks, music and very nice prices.

Tjeck out the blogs from wich the artwork will come:
David - Custom Horror
Zarah - A monster a day

lørdag den 11. september 2010

Vacation monster

Monsters I met on my vacation this summer.

tirsdag den 24. august 2010

Eraser stamp monster

Yesterday I decided to give stamp making a try. So I searched the net for advice, tools and materials. I found a lot of interesting posts, videos, technics and tips. Bottomline is you need cutting tools, some sort of carving block, a drawing, and an ink pad.  Below I have made a short list of some of the more common carving blocks I found:

The one you used (but never had) in school, because you used them to throw at you class mates or doodle on or take apart in small piceses daydreaming.

White carving block made from high density rubber and very easy to carve (so they say). I have not yet used them.

Pink carving block. Should be like carving butter, not sure thats a good thing :)

Marster Carve
Made by Staedtler from soft vinyl. Very easy to carve. Most expensive  (so they say). I have not yet used them.

You can read more about stamp carving and carving blocks here.

Sadly I also found that the Speedy and Master carving blocks are not sold anywhere in Copenhagen (please tell me if you know a place) Sigh! My eager and very impacient child inside, did not have time to wait for an over seas delivery, so what to do what to do?? I had to settle for the old school rubber.

It's a bitch to work in especially when you don't have the right tools (didn't have time to wait for them either, arrrrghh). But I made it and this is the result:

søndag den 22. august 2010

The guide

An actual guide I meet in spain when I was a child. Big glasses, big man, with a very neat lilac comover formed as a spiral/snail.

Acrylic on wood.

Monster shadow

Small drawing I did, home alone and just before getting the coffee and chocolate to sit down and watch "The crazies".

søndag den 1. august 2010

Sticker design

Some quick sketches for some quick stickers.

søndag den 25. juli 2010