tirsdag den 24. august 2010

Eraser stamp monster

Yesterday I decided to give stamp making a try. So I searched the net for advice, tools and materials. I found a lot of interesting posts, videos, technics and tips. Bottomline is you need cutting tools, some sort of carving block, a drawing, and an ink pad.  Below I have made a short list of some of the more common carving blocks I found:

The one you used (but never had) in school, because you used them to throw at you class mates or doodle on or take apart in small piceses daydreaming.

White carving block made from high density rubber and very easy to carve (so they say). I have not yet used them.

Pink carving block. Should be like carving butter, not sure thats a good thing :)

Marster Carve
Made by Staedtler from soft vinyl. Very easy to carve. Most expensive  (so they say). I have not yet used them.

You can read more about stamp carving and carving blocks here.

Sadly I also found that the Speedy and Master carving blocks are not sold anywhere in Copenhagen (please tell me if you know a place) Sigh! My eager and very impacient child inside, did not have time to wait for an over seas delivery, so what to do what to do?? I had to settle for the old school rubber.

It's a bitch to work in especially when you don't have the right tools (didn't have time to wait for them either, arrrrghh). But I made it and this is the result:

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  1. Hehe like it! Fun post too, I really want to try making stamps but am struggling for materials too.

  2. The satisfaction of having a finished stamp and making the first "print" beats working with crappy materials/tools...just do it :-D