tirsdag den 4. maj 2010

Shot story illustrations

I did a couple of illustrations for a shortstory art project in Rumkammerat. This is what came out of it!

The above shown illustrations was done for the strories "The art" (A discription of the art that lives inside you), "bucket" (about a girl who always laughed so much she had to pee there and then) and "Granpa the buchter".

An illustration made before the story. The storyteller had to write based on the illustration.

Read more about the project at or come down to the gallery to see them with your own eyes and maybe buy a collection of short stories.

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  1. Wow ... Our .... not win ... I figured this one !!!... love toys .... here in Brazil and do some gift-some friends .... I love giving presents ... and now earn a its going to be fantastic! thank you! which is a stream of cool gifts! I liked!

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  2. these are so good. you have a great style!