mandag den 14. juni 2010

My first mural painting

This weekend I painted my first ever mural painting in Westend Copenhagen. The wall is lend out by Rumkammerat and the people who live there to artist in a project called Wild at Westend. Read more about in here.
It took me about a day (8 hours) to finish it. It's wall paint and acrylic markers. Here are the result and a couple of pictures of the process.

3 kommentarer:

  1. Wow Zarah this is so cool!! Love it! I too want to paint my first mural by the end of this year.Its so great to be able to really get your art out there into the community. Congrats!

  2. Thanks and hey if you'r ever in Copenhagen let me know then you could maybe get the chance to paint this wall :-D.

  3. zarah beautiful .... beautiful ..... here in Brazil has painted some murals today .... naum dick like before .... wanting to paint .... but not having much time to ... but ... was Zarah very beautiful ... I think I like your drawing ... but unlike the monster ... I'm on the outside and inside is hunan .. kkkkk
    congratulations was beautiful!